A Healthy Sound System. Part 1


Not all sound is created equal. Here are tips for getting sound that drives the enthusiasm, while sparing the ears.

In most aerobics and body-conditioning classes, music and vocal instructions are the driving force, motivating both the instructor and the participants to their highest levels of achievement. It is, therefore, particularly important to control sound levels and sound quality to achieve a club’s fundamental goal of reduced stress and increased health, while maintaining a high level of motivation.

Critical components
A well-designed and properly operated sound system will add precision and impact to your classes, establishing a sense of timing and inspiration without fatigue, stress or hearing damage created by distortion and excessive volume levels. Some components have a very direct effect on these various factors:

Microphone mixer. The microphone mixer is one of the more critical of these components. When instructors are giving vocal directions, it’s very important that they be heard clearly without having to speak much louder than the music. Additionally, when the inspiration strikes, they must be able to raise their voice without overloading the mixer and causing a muffled, unintelligible sound. To ensure this combination of capabilities, look for a mixer with a high signal-to-noise ratio, a lot of “headroom” (overload margin) and, if possible, a built-in “soft limiter” to help reduce the loudness of an instructor’s cue without reducing its essence and impact.

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