A Healthy Sound System. Part 2


Amplifier. The amplifier must have lots of clean reserve power — 20 to 50 percent more than the “normal” amount you would require. More powerful amplifiers, particularly high-quality ones, tend to have more solid bass and cleaner, more precise sound at lower volumes, as well as extra power for those occasional louder moments. This reduces fatigue and hearing damage, while maintaining the precision and drive that heightens the sense of pace and motivation.

Speakers. The speakers are the most critical of all components. The sound a speaker produces is related directly to the sound field in which it is heard. The sound field in an aerobics studio is full of mirrors and other hard surfaces, as well as the overall din and disturbance caused by dozens of moving bodies and pounding feet. In the midst of all this, the music must stay tight and powerful, and the instructor must be clearly audible. When the speakers you choose are specifically designed to be used in this environment, you hear tight, clean, solid sound at any volume, so there is less need to turn it up for impact.

An additional benefit of specially designed speakers is that when music is played loudly (for those brief periods that are acceptable without damage to your hearing), the fatigue factor usually associated with high volumes can be reduced. When the bass is precise, not “boomy,” the instructor and the participant have a better sense of timing. When instructors can be clearly heard along with the music, they don’t need to yell above the music.

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