A Moment Suspended in Time. Chapter 1


As I walked out of the sterile metal doors into the bright sunshine, my senses came alive. I was also struck immediately by an overwhelming sense of reality. I was leaving this school, never to return. It was my very last day of kindergarten. This was a goodbye to yesterday, and although I didn’t know it at the time, a farewell to my childhood. This is a snapshot memory that I will have forever more.

As I stepped onto the sand-colored cement, I breathed in the heavy perfume from the spring blossoms that greeted me. The trees seemed to be protecting me with their long, outstretched arms. At my tender age of six, I was unaware of the danger that lurked at every corner. Sure Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma told me not to talk to strangers, but I wasn’t even sure what a “stranger” was yet.

I gazed again at the beautiful maple shielding me from the sun. Her arms shading and almost cradling me. At the same time, the green branches welcomed me. This surreal moment is engraved within my mind- a water colored vision from my youth. I, at that young age, took the time to smell the lilacs. I appraised the jovial, purple blossoms that surrounded me, inhaling the intoxicating scent.

Stepping off of the sidewalk and onto the plush grass, I noticed the shade of green was so vivid. The color was so bright that it had a neon quality to it, which made this whole experience seem unreal and dreamlike. Everything looked unnatural and out of place. It was quite disturbing, for in my six short years, I had never seen such a spectacular shade of green.

I had never experienced the overwhelming sense of foreboding either. Never before had I felt the nervous twitching in my stomach and the strange mix of these feelings and emotions. The feelings evoked deep within me were very disturbing. Perhaps this is why I sat down below the large maple tree and gazed intently at the scene, burning the image into my mind.

Now I am a grown woman with children older than I was at the time of this mysterious scene, but still I can see the way the sunlight danced upon the grass. I can still see the bright rays that cut through the openings between the branches, surrounding me with light. The smell of the wildflowers that cascaded down the bank near the schoolyard still tickle my nostrils and perfume the air as I remember this warm afternoon. I can still feel the warmth of the sun burning into my back.

When I close my eyes, I see that day as vividly as my hand before my face. What made me remember these images so intently? Why were my senses piqued on that particular day? It is strange that I do not recall what happened right after this memorable moment. I am not sure who picked me up after school that day. I may have even walked, for I lived only one block away. I still muse over this memory, never sure of the significance.

Perhaps it was a warning of some kind. Could it have been some sixth sense trying to send my body a message to run? Could it have been my guardian angel’s arms instead of the tree’s outstretched arms that I felt comforting me? Perhaps I will never know what danger I avoided that day. Maybe there was never a danger that lurked beyond the schoolyard that afternoon. Was it was a perceptive glimpse into the future? Could it have been a leap beyond that day? Perhaps it was a warning for those fateful days that lie ahead.

To be Continued..