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Mom of 2 Boys


Hi! I have been married for 1 1/2 years now (2nd marriage) and I have gained almost 40 pounds! I have been especially frustrated lately. Read more »

Softball: Training in the Off-Season


Softball season is officially over unless of course you’ve chosen to extend it by participating in a fall league. My team considered playing through the fall, but we decided to quit while we were ahead — we took our well-earned trophy and split. Read more »

Marriage Mender


We often know there is a problem, but we don’t know where to turn once our other known “fix-it” methods have been drained. Read more »



No matter what your religious beliefs, contemplating the very concept of Karma can make you a wiser steward of your fighting skills. Read more »

Quantiving Sales Opportunity. Part 2


Telephone inquiry-to-appointment efficiency

Telephone inquiry efficiency is the second critical area that can bolster club income. Many clubs do not track this information accurately, leaving the membership sales staff unclear about their level of efficiency and possibly under the false impression that they are excelling. Accurate tracking ensures reality-based performance. Read more »

Quantiving Sales Opportunity. Part 1


A quantifiable system of tracking sales leads puts dollar signs on the opportunities handled by your staff, from the first call to the final close.

Sales and marketing are high priorities for today’s service-driven clubs. Read more »

Love The Logic That Motivates Parents


Learning life’s lessons are good for you. I loved you enough to ask where you were going, with whom and what time you’d be home. I insisted that you save your money to buy yourself the things you wanted, even though I could have bought them for you. Read more »

Drinking and Holiday Cheer?


It is a question I hear all the time: ‘Can I still have a glass or two of wine with dinner and lose weight?’ Or ‘It’s the holiday season and I want to enjoy a few cocktails at parties but will this put weight on me?’ Read more »

Becoming a unique competitive force. Part 2


The reason no one can win is that the service/product package has become a commodity. To the consumer, all offerings look much the same, with price the only difference. Once competition is on price, the priority goes to cost cutting. When cost cutting runs out of “fat” to cut, profits are on the skids, and hollowed-out, downsized companies have little vitality to invent, launch or repair strategic positions. Read more »

Becoming a unique competitive force. Part 1


Over the weekend I attended a Thomas Plummer & Associates seminar and heard some shocking advice. It should not have shocked owners who have been looking at their clubs in the light of sound strategic planning, but I saw a lot of jaws drop, and questions from the audience revealed initial disbelief. Read more »

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