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Marriage Mender


We often know there is a problem, but we don’t know where to turn once our other known “fix-it” methods have been drained. Read more »

Quantiving Sales Opportunity. Part 2


Telephone inquiry-to-appointment efficiency

Telephone inquiry efficiency is the second critical area that can bolster club income. Many clubs do not track this information accurately, leaving the membership sales staff unclear about their level of efficiency and possibly under the false impression that they are excelling. Accurate tracking ensures reality-based performance. Read more »

Quantiving Sales Opportunity. Part 1


A quantifiable system of tracking sales leads puts dollar signs on the opportunities handled by your staff, from the first call to the final close.

Sales and marketing are high priorities for today’s service-driven clubs. Read more »

Welcomed Workers Work Wonders, Part 2


Basically, each intern had to create a complete business plan for the implementation of the new profit center. How many new employees/interns get to do this within the first few months on the job? As one intern says, “Too often today, future fitness professionals are graduating from college only to find jobs as underpaid, overworked trainers. This internship program has given me the tools to go beyond the norm and find real success in the field.” Read more »

Welcomed Workers Work Wonders, Part 1


So, you have a new employee or intern. You’ve carefully interviewed this person, checked references, established requirements and negotiated compensation. You are convinced that you have hired a great employee who will come to work and become instantly productive. But there is still some major work ahead to ensure this venture will truly be a win-win situation. What’s the key? Make the person feel welcome and part of the team. Read more »

Market-Building 101


Microprocessor behemoth Intel may as well hang its shingle on Sand Hill Road, the high-rent highway in Menlo Park, Calif., that is home to dozens of venture capital firms. Intel continually pops up on the list of investors in startup Internet companies. Read more »

Learn More About Queen Victoria


Alison Plowden’s “The Young Victoria” (Stein and Day, 1983) offers a wonderful account of Queen Victoria’s life through her marriage to Prince Albert. Plowden expertly weaves together excerpts from Queen Victoria’s letters and journals to create a captivating narrative of the queen’s early years.

If you are interested in seeing Queen Victoria’s life through her own eyes, don’t miss “Queen Victoria’s Sketchbook” by Marina Warner (Crown Publishers Inc., 1979). Queen Victoria portrays her children, family and country beautifully.

Check your library for Helmut and Alison Gernsheim’s amazing “Victoria R.,” (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1959), a biography with 400 illustrations based on her personal photograph albums.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this book speaks volumes about Queen Victoria’s life, from her childhood and coronation to her Diamond Jubilee and funeral.

A Healthy Sound System. Part 3


Soft limiter. One you’ve selected the appropriate components for the sound system in your facility, there is an additional component you may find useful for setting up and controlling your sound system. A soft limiter with adjustable pre-set and LED-level indicators can help you monitor and control volume levels. Read more »

A Healthy Sound System. Part 2


Amplifier. The amplifier must have lots of clean reserve power — 20 to 50 percent more than the “normal” amount you would require. More powerful amplifiers, particularly high-quality ones, tend to have more solid bass and cleaner, more precise sound at lower volumes, as well as extra power for those occasional louder moments. Read more »

A Healthy Sound System. Part 1


Not all sound is created equal. Here are tips for getting sound that drives the enthusiasm, while sparing the ears.

In most aerobics and body-conditioning classes, music and vocal instructions are the driving force, motivating both the instructor and the participants to their highest levels of achievement. Read more »

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