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Herbal Supplements


Recent surveys have revealed that nearly one-third of adults in the United States use herbal remedies as part of their health regimens, and that the retail market for these products exceeds $3.2 billion annually. Herbal remedies are sold as dietary supplements in the United States. Read more »

HGH Advantages


HGH is quite helpful to combat signs of age while improving body strength. Growth hormone deficient symptoms include the following.

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Ehrlichiosis & Lyme Disease


Q.A friend of mine was bitten by a tick during a camping trip and went to the doctor with a rash. She thought she had Lyme disease, but she was diagnosed with something called ehrlichiosis. I’ve never heard of this before. Is it anything like Lyme? How do you tell the difference? Are the risks, prevention and treatment the same? Someone else on the same camping trip also got Lyme disease from a tick bite. Do the same ticks carry both diseases? Read more »

The Health Risks and Side Effects of HRT


While hormone replenishment therapy offers significant benefits for most women, it is not for everyone. The existence or a history of any of the following may be a contraindication (a reason not to take) for taking hormone replenishment therapy: Read more »

HGH Supplements and Your Health


A lot of people are thinking about anti-aging these days. As people age, they generally become sensitive about their looks. Just about all people over 36 are looking for a product to help them feel and look more youthful. Most people would like to do this. Read more »