Fitness on the Road Unfamiliar Workout Equipment


Fitness on the Road: Unfamiliar Workout Equipment

Don’t let a business trip or travel-full holiday season destroy your workouts. Staying healthy on the road can be less stressful than airport security if you know what to expect. Below are descriptions for what you can typically expect in terms of exercise facilities while traveling.

The Globetrotter: If you travel a lot, you may find it convenient to join a health club that is part of a large chain so you can use your membership in other cities. Most chain gyms carry the same equipment from state to state so familiarity with the machines will make it easier for you to pack fitness in your travel schedule.

Infrequent Flyers:

If you travel a little, or just don’t belong to a club with branches in other places, you may be confronted with some puzzling choices.

A holiday jaunt that finds you staying in a modern hotel may not be a problem, because big, modern hotels usually have great workout facilities. A small hotel or motel with something called an “exercise room” may pose more of a problem.