HGH Advantages


HGH is quite helpful to combat signs of age while improving body strength. Growth hormone deficient symptoms include the following.

* SKIN- As skin becomes less elastic, it also thins and droops with wrinkles.
* ENERGY – Stamina and vigor are lost.
* SKELETAL SYSTEM – In addition to loss of bone strength, osteoporosis may also cause damage.
* SEXUAL PERFORMANCE – Loss of libido and sex drive.
* MUSCLE – A common occurrence is the muscle mass slackening, along with the loss of strength.
* FAT – Tissues of fat gather.
* MEMORY – There is a loss of memory.
* HEART – It is common for the muscles of the heart to become slack.
* KIDNEY – There is a deterioration of the functions of the kidney.
* IMMUNE SYSTEM – There is an increase in the time it takes to heal, with a lowering of immunity.
* HAIR – The hue of the hair fades, while the hair thins.
* CHOLESTEROL- There is an increase in the level of cholesterol.

HGH can help combat the signs of aging even in patients who have very low hormone levels and have experienced quite a bit of damage due to aging. The typical effects that were noticed by human growth hormone users are discussed below.

Here are the levels of improvement you can expect: * Sixty-seven percent improvement in emotional stability * Seventy-five percent improvement in sexual potency * Eighty-eight percent improvement in muscle strength when participating in a workout program * Eighty-four percent improvement in level of energy * Sixty-one percent improvement in the appearance of wrinkles * Eighty-two percent improvement in the effectiveness of weight loss programs.

What are the expectations of the benefits of HGH?

Results that are good are shown at the six month mark of therapy with HGH.

An improvement monthly can be viewed as follows
I. First Month: A boost in your energy and vitality levels, improved sleep and positive outlook.
II. Second Month: The growth of nails is improved, along with the tone of the skin, better digestion with loss of weight, and muscle tone is strengthened.
III. Third Month: In the third month, you can expect to experience greater flexibility and an increase in muscle size as well as an increase in sexual desire and ability. Your mental acuity should also increase.
IV. Fourth Month: Effects from the initial 3-month period accumulate.
V. Fifth Month: In the fifth month, you can expect a good reduction in your weight and inches due to an increase in muscle tissue and a decrease in fat, or the adipose tissue. Your wrinkles should be reduced, and your skin should be thicker and more flexible. Your hair will also look better, as the hair appears healthier.
VI. Month 6: Much less cellulite, better eyesight, improved emotional stability, enhanced immune system with better ability to resist colds and flu, less joint pain and soreness, greater tolerance for exercise, improved cholesterol (LDL) and triglyceride levels, and improved heart rate.

The outcome will vary according to the individual, regardless of food intake and habits.