Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 1


Dear Sharon and Armand,
As you can see my first week of work really distracted me from my diet. I didn’t have a chance to go shopping, so I had little in the way of packable lunch material or dinner for that matter. Just as you said before, if I don’t feed myself properly throughout the day I’ll eat anything at night.

It also has a compounding effect as you can see with my Friday snacks. I was with some old friends who were in town for the week, and you know how sleepovers are. I really need to plan for things like this, though.

I need to consciously think, hey, Jenny will be in town, and I won’t be eating health food at 1 in the morning so I need to plan the rest of my weeks’ diet with that in mind.

I’m going to ask my dentist if there’s any way he can pull out this sweet tooth!

I exercised three days this week, lifting weights twice. My weight dropped 3 pounds.

Talk to you next week!


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