Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 2


The good news is that you averaged 42 fat grams per day for the week. The bad news is that the only vegetable you ate was in the vegetable stromboli! You also only had two servings of fruit all week—instead of two servings a day. Not only are there obvious health benefits to the fruits and vegetables, but they are low calorie and crowd your meal, so you eat less of the high-calorie foods on your plate.

Now that you have a new job, you will need to plan for lunch again. Please be sure to tell me about the food in your work environment. Try to have a good breakfast at home before you leave, and good luck!

A new job can certainly be a distraction. Now that you have been on the job for a week, what is the food environment like? Do other people eat out for lunch, or bag it? Is there food around the office? Are your work hours longer or shorter than your previous job? In your next note, contrast your two work environments and the impact on your weight.

Now is the time to develop new routines. Start the week with a trip to the store on Sunday. Plan your meals. You can even take a blank food diary and jot in your eating intentions. This idea of pre-planning can be helpful in reducing impulsive eating, especially if you have already made the sandwich when someone offers you a slice of pizza. If you now get home at a reasonable time, plan a quick dinner that includes two vegetables.

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