Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 3


You are approaching the 200 mark. Keep focused. Also, please remember these points:

Chart all your beverages, even alcohol and soda.
Keep your food record daily, so accuracy is not lost, and you can evaluate and make alterations sooner.
Always use the same scale to report your weight. Scales vary.
Try to weight at the same time of day, and in the same clothes.
Good luck this week!


Armand’s Reply

Good job on accomplishing a regular walking program this week. How did you feel? Are you measuring your heart rate?

You want to exercise at an intensity level that gets your heart rate into its target zone. As for the stretching, make sure you do the Basic 10 Stretches after you walk, so that your muscles are properly warmed up.

If you still want to stretch prior to your walking, warm up first by walking for a few minutes. You increase your risk of injury if you skip this warm-up period.

Good luck continuing your program — remember, consistency is key!

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