At Work, I sit at a Computer all Day


For about three months, I have experienced a sharp, burning pain almost like an electrical shock in my upper back, left side (near the shoulder blade and neck). The pain is almost paralyzing, but is usually intense for 30 seconds, then just aches for a couple more hours. I iced, and then heated it. Anyone who massages it says it feels “crunchy” and tight. Am I doing long-term damage to it, or will it work its way out? Read more »

Fitness on the Road Unfamiliar Workout Equipment


Fitness on the Road: Unfamiliar Workout Equipment

Don’t let a business trip or travel-full holiday season destroy your workouts. Staying healthy on the road can be less stressful than airport security if you know what to expect. Below are descriptions for what you can typically expect in terms of exercise facilities while traveling. Read more »

Which Drugs are Found During a Urinalysis? Part 2


4. Amphetamines

Prescription products, dextroamphetamine, methamphetamine, and other forms of amphetamine are usually not detected in the urine after 1 to 4 days but it does depend on the form. Forms such as methamphetamine are widely abused illicit drugs, but other forms of amphetamine can be obtained with a prescription, and used for things such as treating ADHD or suppressing appetite. Read more »

Which Drugs are Found During a Urinalysis? Part 1


Employers commonly require random, pre-employment and other drug screens of their employees. Most companies choose to go with a 5-panel urinalysis drug screen that test the five most commonly used drugs but there are other testing procedures available. Read more »

A Long Term Plan Will Establish Credibility


Role of the health professional. Health professionals need to get their patients started on exercise programs that are tailored to their individual needs. Read more »

Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 3


You are approaching the 200 mark. Keep focused. Also, please remember these points:

Chart all your beverages, even alcohol and soda.
Keep your food record daily, so accuracy is not lost, and you can evaluate and make alterations sooner. Read more »

Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 2


The good news is that you averaged 42 fat grams per day for the week. The bad news is that the only vegetable you ate was in the vegetable stromboli! You also only had two servings of fruit all week—instead of two servings a day. Not only are there obvious health benefits to the fruits and vegetables, but they are low calorie and crowd your meal, so you eat less of the high-calorie foods on your plate. Read more »

Mandie’s Journal: Week Five. Part 1


Dear Sharon and Armand,
As you can see my first week of work really distracted me from my diet. I didn’t have a chance to go shopping, so I had little in the way of packable lunch material or dinner for that matter. Just as you said before, if I don’t feed myself properly throughout the day I’ll eat anything at night. Read more »

Welcomed Workers Work Wonders, Part 2


Basically, each intern had to create a complete business plan for the implementation of the new profit center. How many new employees/interns get to do this within the first few months on the job? As one intern says, “Too often today, future fitness professionals are graduating from college only to find jobs as underpaid, overworked trainers. This internship program has given me the tools to go beyond the norm and find real success in the field.” Read more »

Welcomed Workers Work Wonders, Part 1


So, you have a new employee or intern. You’ve carefully interviewed this person, checked references, established requirements and negotiated compensation. You are convinced that you have hired a great employee who will come to work and become instantly productive. But there is still some major work ahead to ensure this venture will truly be a win-win situation. What’s the key? Make the person feel welcome and part of the team. Read more »

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