Which Food Items are Most Beneficial for Teeth


In this essay, we discuss foods which actually fight tooth decay and preserve bright, healthy white teeth.

Which food items are most beneficial for teeth?

Well, everyone is aware that some food items are harmful to teeth. Eating carbohydrate rich or sugar rich foods can cause a build up of bacteria, which eat the food particles left on our teeth and produce tooth decay causing acids. Having said this, were you aware that some foods can play a role in combating bacteria? It’s true – there are foods that are capable of preventing these villains from manufacturing acids. In essence, you can actually deprive them of what they need to survive, leaving you with a cleaner and more lovely smile.

Eating celery is another fantastic strategy for combating oral bacteria. Ignoring its biggest benefit, that it is a healthy snack, celery increases the amount of saliva you produce. Whenever saliva is produced, it destroys harmful oral bacteria. Celery, although not as tasty, is a better alternative to snacking on potato chips, which can cause plaque. The added water content in celery enables you to rinse your mouth as you chew, serving as a natural tooth brush!

Both onions and Shiitake mushrooms are effective at destroying bacteria. Eating raw onions can get rid of plaque and bacteria through compounds that are found naturally in onions. Although a side effect might be unpleasant breath, the advantages of improved teeth health justify having to chew minty gum afterward. Eating Shiitake mushrooms serves a similar purpose. Although they don’t kill bacteria, they prevent the bacteria from making plaque, which might eventually lead to cavities.

A delicious remedy is cheese, because it possesses characteristics that are beneficial to teeth. Eating cheese boosts saliva manufacture, which, as aforementioned, is effective for destroying oral bacteria. In addition, cheese is beneficial for preventing teeth staining. It creates a protective barrier for teeth enamel which can prevent stains from forming on teeth.

Staining and discolored teeth are issues which are widespread throughout the globe. It is possible to get a whiter smile naturally by choosing foods such as strawberries or oranges. It is possible to use strawberries to brush teeth on alternate days, while orange peels may be rubbed across the teeth. Of course, products such as tooth gel are available, however they may present side effects that detract from any benefits. A simpler and even safer method is just looking in your own home for things that are beneficial to teeth.

It’s reassuring to realize there are foods which are beneficial for health and for your teeth. The benefits of eating raw onions are worth the awful taste. Armed with the information we now have at our disposal, it is possible to maintain healthy, white teeth for a lifetime. Choosing these types of foods is the most enjoyable method for maintaining oral hygiene and a bright smile. We all enjoy eating, thus we may as well choose foods that are beneficial to overall well-being as well as our teeth!